Say Bye-Bye to Google: 10 Alternative Search Engine

Say Bye-Bye to Google: 10 Alternative Search Engine

If you’re an everyday Google user (65% of you globally) then you’ll have noticed some changes, each sensible and unhealthy.

I won’t discuss the deserves of those enhancements, we’ve done that already here: Google kills right aspect Ads and here: Google launches Accelerated Mobile Pages, however, there’s a certain feeling of vexation that seems to be returning to a head.

As the paid search is will increase in ‘top-heaviness’, as organic results get pushed any off the primary SERP, because the information Graph scrapes additional and additional publisher content and continues to create it pointless to click through to an internet site, and as our long feelings of unfairness over Google’s monopoly and tax balance become additional acute, currently quite ever we tend to feel there ought to be another, viable programme various.

There was a degree not that way back after you may simply divide folks between those who used Google, Yahoo, raise Jeeves and AltaVista. currently, it’s ought to the purpose wherever if you’re not victimization Google, you’re not very victimization the net properly.

Right now though perhaps we must always be paying additional attention to the alternatives. perhaps our daily lives and, for a few people, careers shouldn’t be got to balance on the fickle algorithmic rule changes of the world’s Most worthy company.



Microsoft’s programme is that the second most well-liked programme in the world, with 15.8% of the search market.

But why must you use Bing? Lifehacker has some nice articles wherever they fight to convert themselves the maximum amount as anyone else why Bing may be a serious challenger to Google.

and points include:

  • Bing’s video search is considerably higher than Google’s, providing you with a grid of enormous thumbnails that you just will click on to play or preview if you hover over them.
  • Bing typically offers double as several autocomplete suggestions that Google will.
  • Bing will predict once airfares are measure close to go up or down if you’re checking out flights.
  • Bing conjointly encompasses a feature wherever if you kind link from domain:[site name] it’ll highlight the simplest stratified outgoing links from that website, serving to you work out that different websites your chosen site link to the foremost.



The key feature of DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t retain its users’ information, therefore it won’t track you or manipulate results supported your behavior. therefore if you’re notably spooked by Google’s all-seeing, wise eye, this may be the one for you.



As Google gets higher and higher at responsive additional difficult queries, it’ll ne’er be ready to match the private bit offered with Quora.

Ask any question and its scholarly community can supply their replies. otherwise, you will choose between any similar queries antecedently asked.



Of course, if you’re about to quit Google, then you’ll even have to offer up YouTube, which might be a terrific prospect. however, there’s an alternative. And a fairly sensible one at that… Vimeo. The professional’s selection of video-sharing website, that has scores of HD video and no ads.



If you wish to urge into the cognitive content of an issue with a range of various points of reading far away from the main publications, Boardreader surfaces results strictly from forums, message boards and, of course, Reddit.

Oh, look… raise Jeeves remains around. conjointly he’s not a Wodehousian manservant, however, a laptop generated managing director. Weird.

It’s still a rather mediocre programme simulation to be an issue and answer website, however, the ‘Popular Q&A’ results found on the correct hand aspect are terribly handy if Jeeves himself can’t satisfy your question. And what an honest use of the right-hand aspect is, huh Google.



SlideShare may be a very handy place to supply info from displays, slide decks, webinars and no matter else you’ll have uncomprehensible from not attending a conference. You’ll even be shocked what info you’ll realize there.



“Inhale the web” with the friendly trying hoover guy by making your own topic page, that you’ll bookmarker and see results from a large range of channels in this one page (including Google, Bing News, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr).


Creative Commons Search

CC Search is especially handy if you wish to search out copyright free pictures for your website (as mentioned during this post on image optimization for SEO). simply kind your question in then click on your chosen website you wish to look.



WolframAlpha may be a ‘computational information engine’, or super clever dweeb to you and ME. raise it to calculate any information or raise it concerning any reality and it’ll provide you with the solution. and it will this awful ‘computing’ factor whereas it is concerned your answer (which will take a brief whereas.)


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